Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shira Swings On Her Converted Tumbleform Chair

"A girl, my daughter. She is a being more rare, more beautiful, purer,
more perfect and more delicate than the wildest dream of a poet. I can
never believe her to be my own flesh and blood. Her beauty is a
well-spring of purest water-of-life, and t...o look upon her is to drink
and drink and drink again.......

She is rare, a perfect creation, a work of purest art. A delicate
flower that bloomed in the liquid light of the moon. A nature not of
this world, a personality like that of some biblical maiden, gracious
and queenly. I find it difficult to believe her my own........"

-Excerpt from the book The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison but I changed it to present tense!

Click link below to watch Shira swing!!