Friday, October 24, 2008

Everything Is Good

What's been going on? Not too much really which in the world of SMA is a good thing. Shira's health has been stable and she is developing cognitively in leaps 'and bounds. Shira is a joy! You really learn about how each of our souls far out weighs what we look like, what we own and what we do. It's an interesting study how we human beings get so sidetracked from what's important. We are watching a lot of baseball these day being that the world series is on t.v. Shira loves baseball. I have to watch because she wants to watch I am not a huge sports t.v. fan but she loves the action. We went to the Queen Alexandria Hospital the other day and had Shira fitted for a new pair of Ankle Foot Orthotics. Tomorrow our mobility specialist is coming to our home to look at the van and help us reconfigure it to carry both her manual and power chair. B'H Maxine, Sammy and I are all good!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Some People Have No Heart

Today Shira and I were downtown. While there I took Shira to our favorite local toy store. Shira wanted a bunch of barn yard animals so we chose a bunch. I had been in this store many times through the years and have always gone there first to support local business. I noticed at the cash register it said 25% off starting next week. I asked the cashier if we could have the discount because its hard for me to get downtown with Shira. She said no. I then told her that Shira has a terminal illness and I didn't understand why they couldn't make an exception considering there was a store wide sale the next week. There was also nobody else in the store. The clerk went into the back office which was open and we could here her ask the stores owner if we could have the discount. You could here the owner say, "no its against company policy." The clerk returned to the counter and informed me that it was against company policy. So, I let her ring up the itemes, run them through on my credit card and then I informed her that I decided I didn't want the items. Now I can understand not getting 25% off if I was just asking for it but in this case there was a sale next week. a sign on the check out counter and i informed them that it was difficult for me to get downtown with my daughter who suffers from a life threatening illness and they just said no! I will never shop there again and I will spread the word. The heartless store is called Kaboodies located at 1320 Government Street, Victoria, B.C. Canada phone: 250-383-0931 Please spread the word that this is a heartless business person. I ask that everyone boycott this store this Christmas season and hopefully forever!! Please spread the word. I'm pissed!!!!!!!!