Sunday, April 1, 2012

Where's Molly?

We have a few documentaries at home and Sammy is at an age where today he asked me if he could watch Where's Molly Years ago we were on the news advocating to get all the medical equipment we needed to keep Shira at home and care for her, get her injections to ward off illnesses etc. When we were on the news we had many calls from people that wanted to take Shira off of our hands and care for her. Yes caring for people is a business and when a person is extremely disabled the caregivers get even more money. This documentary came into my life a year after we started advocating hardcore for Shira and sometimes you just need something to grasp onto that justifies your actions and re affirms you are doing the right thing. This video is one of them. We realized watching this video that our "regular" son would be a better person having his sister at home. Today Sammy watched this movie and had a lot of questions he couldn't understand why a family would give up a child just because they had a disability. We are so proud of who our son is, that he doesn't categorize and separate people. Our hearts are constantly challenged by Shira's ongoing struggles and we'd be lying if we said we didn't suffer from moments of anticipatory grief . We live deeply in the present experiencing the joy our two amazing children give to each other. We've watched this documentary countless times and believe it is important to watch so that the confused can become enlightened and the knowing can be justified in their actions and life.