Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Unknown said...

"The phrase is apt to cause disquiet. There have been those among us who have arrogantly judged, from a vantage point of power, the value of a human life. They have made decisions based on their assessment of a person's quality of life about providing supports to sustain that life. This attitude peaked in Nazi Germany, where such decisions were used as the basis for genocide. We like to think that we have moved well beyond this perspective, but important decisions about people's lives are still being made from positions of power. Such practice is difficult to combat, especially in a period when responsibility of government in the area of human and environmental services is being cut back."- Introduction by J. David Baker (Quality of Life in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation)

“The creative spirit is not indestructible, but a courageous
few discover that when in hell, they are granted
a glimpse of heaven.”-Anthony Storr

Sky said...

hey i didnt know ou guys had a blog, well now I do. Ive got you bookmarked Shira!!! I cant wait to read updates and see new pictures... Sky and I Love Ya Lots Sheila and Skylar