Friday, September 19, 2008

Have A Good Weekend And A Good Shabbos

It's been a good week. Sammy is in his second week of grade 1 and loving it! Sammy starts soccer this weekend. He actually asked to play in a certain league because his friends are playing in it. What a guy. This week the kids next door made a little zip line they were playing with in their garden and they wouldn't let Sammy play so I took Sammy to Home Depot where we purchased 50 feet of rope, a pulley and doweling to make our own zip line. I strung the line from the porch to a tree 25 feet away. Well the kids wanted to come over and play in our yard where Sammy was king (the little buggers). Now we always have kids in our yard flying across the yard. Yesterday they were zipping over the yard and landing on the upside down blow up pool. Maxine made another beautiful challah. Nothing like home made challah cooking in your home. Maxine is so beautiful and amazing to us. She really keeps everything running while i'm concentrating on Shira. She keeps Sammy's life 'Normal.'

Shira almost has the entire Hebrew Alphabet down. At the moment Shira knows the entire english alphabet in any order and numbers up to 20 in any order read off of flash cards. I'm working on reading and its coming as well as addition. Physically Shira is doing great. Her physio sessions 2 times a day I think help her a lot. We are using our standar more all the time and still working on power chair driving skills.

That's about it from our end. We are all healthy as we head into the dreaded flu season. Last year I only spent 4 weeks seperated from Maxine and Sam and I pray that this year will be less. The year before last I spent 7 weeks downstairs quarantined but Shira hasn't had a major illness since her RSV hospitalization when she was 6 months old. Keeping my fingers crossed and I just knocked myself in the head.

Oh yeah. Shira and I got a chance to watch some good baseball last week. Boys about 15 years old. Pretty good ball but the boys aren't all that coordinated at that age but you can really see the talent emerging. Whenever we go to these games we always seem to clear an entire bleacher of seats once we get suctioning etc. I have a microphone and speaker for Shira so she can yell obscenities at the umpire.

If you are looking for something good to read check out Zora Neale Hurston; absolutely amazing writer!!

Have a good weekend and shabbos. Brad


Sky said...
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Sky said...

Im glad to read all is going well, and that you guys are doing great!!! Miss ya on chat though :(... You got to get a vdeo of Shira yelling at the ump!!! Stay healthy and strong Sheila and Sky

Nate said...

Hey guys - sounds like things are good! Great to hear it. Give those kids a hug and enjoy the Pacific NW for us. :)

Anonymous said...

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