Friday, October 24, 2008

Everything Is Good

What's been going on? Not too much really which in the world of SMA is a good thing. Shira's health has been stable and she is developing cognitively in leaps 'and bounds. Shira is a joy! You really learn about how each of our souls far out weighs what we look like, what we own and what we do. It's an interesting study how we human beings get so sidetracked from what's important. We are watching a lot of baseball these day being that the world series is on t.v. Shira loves baseball. I have to watch because she wants to watch I am not a huge sports t.v. fan but she loves the action. We went to the Queen Alexandria Hospital the other day and had Shira fitted for a new pair of Ankle Foot Orthotics. Tomorrow our mobility specialist is coming to our home to look at the van and help us reconfigure it to carry both her manual and power chair. B'H Maxine, Sammy and I are all good!


Sky said...

WONDERFUL pictures!!! the one of you and Shira is great! She looks so good, must be all that wonderful care and attention! have a great weekend Fisher family!!! Sheila and Sky

Kimberley said...

Brad, Shira looks fantastic. I can't believe how big she is getting. I find that the time is flying by so fast with Kaitlyn also. She is growing before my eyes. She and her twin will be two next month! Where does the time go?
Kim and Kaitlyn.

Sky said...

GO OBAMA GO!!!! give Shira a big hug from Sky and I (seriously) Sheila