Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shira Update

Hi all. I didn't here back from the hospital regarding Shira's sputum samples but I guess no news is good news. Shira is feeling better anyways so hopefully it was just a bad case of teething. Shira doesn't do well when teething and because her fever lasted for 3 days and stopped as abruptly as it started I will assume that is what it was. Whew!!

Today Help Fill A Dream comes to our home to measure the back yard and make arrangements to install our play ground for the kids. Shira will have a Jennyswing and we'll customize the rest of it for her to use. The point is to have her outside playing with kids.

I have also been working on finding a person with a pool we can use as our local rehab hospital has a non functioning pool. Shira loves to swim and float but I can't bring myself to take her swimming in a public pool. Not only is disease a concern but because she has swallow issues should someone splash in her facee she could drown. So we are looking into this. I'd really love to take her swimming once a week.

Prayers to all of our friends with sick kids!!!

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Sky said...

Im so glad to hear Shira is feeling better, teething can be a nasty one with our kids. i cant wait to see the playround when its done, your kids will have so much fun playing on it. Have a good weekend Sheila and Sky