Monday, June 29, 2009

Shira's 4th Birthday Party Video

What a day. Today was Shira’s birthday party. For several days we have been preparing for the party. Our good friends Marie and Kenny dropped off some table and chairs for us to use yesterday. Sammy also helped me clean up the yard, put away all the toys/pieces of toys and other assorted pointy dangerous items laying around. This morning we all woke up early with excitement. My mother arrived at the house at 7:30 and started preparing her famous fruit platters, lox and bagels, etc. etc. Our friend Marie came over around 10 and did a great job putting up decorations. The weather started off with heavy black clouds and lots of rain. My mother had given me a huge blue tarp the other day which came in handy. I connected the tarp to our existing tent and playground. We were able to fit over 40 people beneath the tent and tarp together. Luckily the sky started to clear and blue sky’s appeared by the 11 a.m. start time. We rented a blow up bouncy castle so between that and the playground the kids had an absolute blast. My cousin Beth from South Carolina that I haven’t seen in many many years came to the party with my other cousin Sharon from Seattle. My dear friend Jennifer Rogers and her husband Peter were in town and also attended. We had a ton of kids from the neighbourhood as well as Sammy’s school here. Our neighbours on 2 sides and their kids also came. Charlotte, Tamara and Benjamin also came and it was great to be with them all together. We missed Charlotte’s birthday because they were sick at that time so we got an extra cake and we all sang Charlotte happy birthday as well. Shira made all of us sing happy birthday to her and Charlotte 4 times. Finally I had to get our care worker to sing happy birthday to Shira. Sammy and Maxine missed the cake etc. because Sammy tore the nail off of his toe next to his little toe and I thought he should go to the hospital. It turns out they waited there for hours for nothing. They X-rayed the toe and it wasn’t broken, put some saline and polysporen on it, dressed the wound and sent him home!! It was beautiful day and Shira had a really great time. She is still saying, “I had a great time daddy, I had a great time.” She is a munchkin and it was so great to be hanging out with a group of people celebrating Shira’s life together. It turned out to be a dream day with way too much action, hot sun, good food, great company and lots of fun and before we knew it the day was over but it was over after an hour for Maxine, Sammy and our cousin Meghan who spent the day at the beautiful emergency facilities at VGH. It was a great day and celebration but one day did not seem like enough to celebrate a year in Shira’s life. I think we’ll return to celebrating Shira’s birthday every month like we used to!! Happy Birthday Shira “Sweet Pea, Little Miss Boops” We love you.

Mommy, Daddy, and Sammy.

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