Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shira Goes Riding For Her First Time

Shira was turned down as a good candidate by the Cowichan and Vancouver Island Riding For The Disabled Associations. Their policies and candidate requirements are very limited here and don't serve the majority of disabled people. Upon further investigation I interviewed more people turned down by the Associations than those that get to ride. Purely psychological reasons for riding and the joy of riding are not criteria to be accepted into the program. Sometimes these programs are more of an ego boost for the people that run them than they are programs for the disabled and what it can mean for the person riding. Luckily I can ride and have researched enough so that my wife and I could take Shira riding and give her the joy and experience of riding horses. During Shira's ride she didn't stop saying, "Yeehaw, Yahoo" and when the ride was finished she exclaimed, "I Win!" You win Shira you munchkin and Sammy you are a great big brother and good rider!!

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Victoria Strong said...

This is so awesome and you've now totally inspired me to find a horse for Gwendolyn :)