Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sophia Doebbert and Dr. Mary Schroth, Our American Family Children's Hospital

There are some doctors that are real heroes. Dr. Mary Schroth is one of these heroes. Rarely do you see this amount of compassion from a Doctor but Dr. Schroth really cares about all her patients so much. Maxine flew to Wisconsin to meet with her because we were advised by Doctors at B.C. Children's Hospital not to contact U.S. doctors because they wouldn't be there for us in our time of need. Maxine was met at the door of the hospital by Dr. Schroth and the social worker. Dr. Schroth (the for profit doctor) spent 3 hours with Maxine.

While we witness children failing extubation all over the U.S. we see them flown to Wisconsin to be succesfully extubated. Doctor Schroth sees our children as human beings that are valued members of our society.

This video is of Sophia Doebbert from Minnesota. Though we haven't met her we feel very close to this family. Doug and Andrea have been great support for us sharing their knowledge and just being there for us, to listen to us. Watch this video


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