Saturday, July 19, 2008

False Prayer

He who prays in sorryow because of the bleakness which burdens his spirit, and thinks he is praying in fear of G-d, or he who prays in joy because of the radiance in his spirit, and thinks he is praying in the love of G-d his prayers are no good at all. For his fear is the burden of sadness, and his love is nothing but empty joy. - Martin Bubers Ten Rungs

The above is so true. Intention is everything. Even the Samurai have to have pure intention before going into battle. In our situation its so tough not to pray and ask while in this time of total distress. I try not to ask the powers that be or even of myself when the fear of loss and our reality take over my thoughts. I wait for a time of clarity before seeking spiritual guidance through prayer or meditation.

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