Saturday, July 19, 2008


Today was a nice day. We started the day as usually with CPT then Physio. After physio I put Shira in her standard and chased Sam around the house. Then we all went onto the back porch and spent some time outside while Shira was in her standard. Shira spent a lot of time with her Bubby today reading and playing. After our naps we all spent a lot of time in the living room putting together puzzles, reading and just hanging out together. Our full grown female cat Lila disappeared all day and we couldn’t find her then Maxine noticed Lila in the window of our neighbours garage. Fortunately Lila was not lost and she returned home hungry and that’s it. Our newest addition to our house is our new male cat that Sam named David. I don’t know why he chose this name but I think it has something to do with King David he learned about in Hebrew School. We all said Havdalah tonight which was nice. Usually its just Shira and I at night. Shira loves the candles and songs. That’s it. And so it goes.

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Sky said...

Love the kitten, and I think David is a geat name, Sky named his new kitty Love... :) How is the power chair going? Sky got his too, but we are stil making adjustments... You guys Shira looks so great, she is getting so big!!! Sky sends you kisses and more kisses ;) have a great week guys Sheila