Sunday, July 27, 2008

Horse Back Riding and Picnic

What a day. When we woke up it was completely over cast and looked like it was going to rain. Our plans for the day were to take Sammy and Shira horseback riding in the morning and try and make the Chabad picnic at 4:30. It’s always difficult to plan anything for the afternoon with Shira because she really needs her ventilator breaks to recharge. I advise all parents to definitely give their children bipap breaks through the day. You don’t want to burn our kids out just to make them as regular as possible. Our kids have SMA and need support through out the day. Anyways, we had a great time at the stable. Sammy road in the ring and then I led him around the property. Sammy rode for about 45 minutes which is good considering he hasn’t been on a horse for over a year. Shira was so excited. One of Shira’s favourite videos is Elmo’s Wild Wild West video. Shira has picked up some cowboy lingo and she loves to say, “Yeehaw, Giddy up, Yahoo.” She is so cute. When that big grey draft horse stuck her head in Shira’s face Shira just beamed. That huge horse was so gentle. We made it home by about 2 o’clock and Shira went down for a nap. At 3:45 we woke Shira from her nap which we never do to go to Sammy’s summer camp final barbecue. Shira had a bit of a hard time with the extremely windy conditions at the beach but we were there for about 2 hours. When we arrived home Shira wanted to stand in her standard so we did that for about an hour and a half and watched elmo and different things on the computer together. At 8pm the usually routine with Chest Physiotherapy, bath, hair combing, teeth brushing, preparing her food for the night, etc. then back on bipap at about 10:20 and here I am writing in our diary. That was our day. And so it goes (to borrow a phrase).

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Sky said...

Brad the pic are wonderful it looks like Sam and Shira had a great time.... Have a good week :)