Friday, August 1, 2008

A Beautiful Fresh Rainy And Now Clear Baseball Ready Day

Just a quick note. The last couple of days have been really good. It finally rained here, yay!! It's absolutely beautiful out which is great because there is a baseball tournament not far from our home. Shira loves her baseball so we will be doing that a lot this weekend. No other news to report really. Shira's health is good, Maxine is still under the weather but has started on a round of antibiotics. We think Maxine has caught Sam's strep throat from a couple of weeks back. No news is good news in the SMA world. Keep up the good fight.

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Sky said...

Oh I love the pic of Shira, she looks too cute in her bat girl mask, and I LOVE to see her up so much in that stander (You Go Shira Skylar and I think your a STAR) sorry to hear Maxine is sick, strep is no fun, wishing her all the best and a fast recovery!!! Have a GREAT weekend Sheila and Sky