Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Wonderful Playdate

This weekend Shira had a very special treat. While Sammy has had several play dates at home Shira had a special visit by 2 new friends Tete and Helena and their mother Marie. Shira had so much fun!! Because we keep Shira away from sick people, exposure to crowds in enclosed places etc. it limits the kinds of things Shira can do as well as her contact with others. But the day was special and Shira had the best time and the girls were so attentive to Shira. The girls spent alot of time playing beside Shira so Shira could watch and take part in everything they were doing. We look forward to our next play date. Shira had so much fun she cried when the play date was finished. We are so happy for Shira that she has found some new friends.

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Sky said...

Oh how cute is that, she looks like she had so much fun!!! Its wonderful to see... thanks for sharing that Brad. we have 2 more SMA kids starting preschool this year with Skylar, Im interested to get to know them and maybe have a few play days for Skylar hear at the house. have a great Day BIG hugs to Shira and Sam Sheila and Sky