Saturday, August 2, 2008

Our City's Birthday, Firetrucks And Scary Old Ladies

Another beautiful day in Victoria. We didn't think we would get out today because Maxine is still battling something that we think is strep throat. This weekend is the 150th birthday of Victoria and a long weekend here so there are lots of events taking place in our city. We went downtown and walked along the waterfront and watched a parade of over 50 firetrucks from all over the North West. The firetrucks ranged in age from the early 1800's right up to the newest trucks. Shira loves fire trucks because of Elmo's video Elmo visits the firehouse. We have also had the fire department here a couple of times as they respond to respiratory arrest calls (sigh).

On another weird note one of my pet peeves that has been bothering me is that where ever we go people see Shira and automatically assume she's sleeping because she is laying down. A couple of very old woman walked past us today saying, 'Oh look at her she's dead to the world.' My heart just sank. I know that they didn't mean any harm by what they were saying but in my head I was thinking, 'you don't know the half of it.'

Nobody really understands exactly what Maxine and I do with Shira. Most people just think Shira is sick and that's it they don't realize we actually keep her alive by the Intensive Care we give her throughout the day. No matter how many times you explain it to some people they just don't realize that you can't leave these kids alone un monitored.

I know that some people think we are over reacting with Shira. They know she is really sick and supposedly has a terminal illness because she is so happy when they see her they don't realize we are giving her hands on 24 hour intensive multi disciplinary care to keep her looking so cheery, happy and freakn' alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The day was good except for the usual freaky human contact I so dread when I go out into world. People mostly suck and really are totally indifferent uncaring, and more interested in themselves than anything else.

Anyways, B'H Shira is well, happy, here and if I had to cut both arms and legs off to keep her here I would in a second.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice weather as well so we will carry on with our weekend celebrations of our wonderful city. Sam had a blast today and Maxine was a trooper for getting out of the house for a while to help relieve my cabin fever. Keep up the good fight everyone.

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Sky said...

Brad I hear you and I hate those comments too, I normally get oh he looks tired... or is it nap time.. Id just like to put a choke hold on some of those people, and why do people feel they need to touch our kids. Anyways, i could go on forever... It sounds like a wonderful celebration. Enjoy some more nice weather today, Im going to finish painting my house! hug Shira for me Sheila